R. reticulata

R. reticulata is the smallest of all the thumbnail Ranitomeya frogs. My stock has 4 frogs of 2.2. I believed mine is the stripe variety as the offsprings produced always have dots on their back. They are very active in the morning and evening where they would often gather in front of the vivarium. They are easily one of the boldest thumbnail I have seen, allowing me to take close range shots and video of them eating, calling and courting. A springtail culture is needed to raise the froglets as they are very tiny! They like to lays eggs in the canister, sleeps in the bromeliads and enjoy the water features in the vivarium. Tadpoles develop red coloration on the back when they start developing the back legs. It is one of the most sought after frog and is still consider very rare in the hobby even though it has been around for more than 20 years. They are more fragile than other thumbnail frogs and certainly not for beginners!

Tadpoles are kept separate.
The largest clutch of eggs I got
Development of an egg to different stages of a tapole
A group of newly morphed reticulata froglets!

Each froglet is unique with regard to the pattern on their back. Of all babies that I have produced, none of them looks identical.

9 of the offsprings that I produced show unique back pattern!